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Don't get offended by my confidence baby
It's ok though i know you hating on me
Hey listen up man we bout to take it up another level man
We sitting at the top right now lets go
I'm at the top i'm not falling

I don't need no intro it's me dat soldier i been though
Why you seem confused really i know you been slow
Jay speed them up as you ride in the benzo
Cruising with the top down pumping that hip hop
Pull up to the light they hear dat soldier they lip drop
They be so amazed cause my flow is so tip top
Then go on the gram and mention me say he is hot hold up
I don't need for you to co sign me
Im so hot they need to go sign me
Got'em wondering like stevie where they at they wanna go find me
Then blow smoke they always L I E that's why i se la vie
No worries can't hurt me i am not a new body big facts you can't jerk me no
I was built for this made and equipped for this
Rest in peace to all the emcees that i killed for this

I'm sitting at the top looking down
I see them still hating on me
I stay winning no losses
I'm at the top i'm not falling

Turn me up i'm about to spit some knowledge
I would advise you to take notes like you in class at a college
See some of you can really spit but some of you are garbage
I'm just speaking the truth man i'm doing you a solid
Don't get offended I'm just winning
I always keep it one hundred no lies i'm not bending
A lot of rappers be fronting not i no pretending
Bye bye I'm not sinning that's why i stay trending
I will not be descending
I'm just all the way up
Nothing can stop me nah i'm just all the way tough
You say you the nicest for real now i'm calling your bluff
I want to see it for myself man enough is enough
Lets Go
I'm taking over
Go head and quote what i said yeah i told you
I does what i do and i do what i does
Put some respect on my name and salute me cuz

I'm sitting at the top looking down
I see them still hating on me
I stay winning no losses
I'm at the top i'm not falling
I'm at the top I'm not falling

See y'all done lost your mind
Cause if you think i'm bothered by you hating you are lost in time
It's really sad it's like i'm leading the blind
Cause if you can't see what i'm about you getting left behind
Don't get it twisted man i'm still gonna shine
I'm a star you can't stop what i'm doing man i'm still gonna grind
My hunger's real yours is not like mine
I will die if i don't eat i said i'm starving yours is not like mine
Let's go
I get it
I understand it's ok though
Your maturity level is like a kid playing with playdough
Pay attention your span is like really under zero
If you don't get it together you are really gonna be no
More done your career over
Capish do you understand reynolds i told you
It's a wrap dat soldier taking over i told you
Keep sleeping on me and imma wake you up like folgers